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Posted on: May 31, 2011 10:40 am

Ohio State situation

This isn't good for Ohio State and you have to wonder how did it all go wrong so quickly.

Jim Tressel resigning really was a 'duh' moment. At some point anyone with common sense could tell you it was coming, despite the protests of many an angry Ohio State poster. But then again I saw many more that were talking about who Ohio State could or would hire after Tressel was forced out (or resigned, or however you want to put it).

But it's crazy to me how something so seemingly innocuous turned into something so ugly so fast.

I'm not happy about this. Ever since this Auburn stuff came out some months ago I've had a change of perspective when it comes to other teams' programs getting slammed. Granted, Auburn hasn't been slammed but the scrutiny of it all is the worst. I hope.

I don't ever remember being happy about a team getting slammed. If anything, it seems to be something that a bottom feeder fan would harp on. My team can't beat yours on the field so I'm gonna cheer that the NCAA kicked you in the shorts. Or, I hate your team so much that I cheer for every downfall your team has. Both are kinda pathetic. Which is to say, if you're an Ohio State rival and you get overwhelming joy from this...more power to you, I guess. But isn't it better to beat 'em on the field? It's the same question I wanted to ask Alabama fans this past season. Before the Iron Bowl this year, I attended the game, Alabama fans were crowing about how they were going to ruin Auburn's chances to win it all. During the first half there was much celebration from Tide fans. But once the game was over I started hearing how Auburn was gonna get sent to conference USA after the NCAA slams us. More power to them, I guess.

But back to Ohio State. You look back and just feel that had Tressel acknowledged this small trespass things would have been over and done. Admit that there was a small fray in the red and gray carpet and the NCAA would have ignored the rotting corpse that was apparently underneath the carpet. But now it's all hit the fan.

I'm not trying to trash Tressel but people seem to be going out of their way to say how this doesn't tarnish his legacy. That would be great if he literally made one mistake; one trespass. But as this goes on it's pretty apparent that Tressel did not just make one omission; the cover up has been going on for quite some time. It wasn't just the tattoo five. It's the tattoo twenty-five. Or more!

There is nothing wrong with having someone seen as a 'man of integrity'. Or that 'man of integrity' getting the benefit of the doubt when his integrity is first called into question. But once it is revealed that something truly has gone awry the time for apology is over. The 'man of integrity' is just a man. And all men are accountable for their actions.

I don't think Tressel is done paying for what he's done. And in the end I don't think that Ohio State fans will necessarily keep him on the pedestal where he currently resides. The foundation of that pedestal is seriously eroded. The damage is not quite over, either.

What a mess.
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