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Posted on: October 13, 2011 10:41 am

VINDICATION and lessons learned

I have learned it is very simple to be a hater; very hard to be a fan.

It takes a little more help to be an effective hater, but here's the rules. For the one person who might read this who is not me, let me know if I missed something.

1. Hold on to some loose fact about the team you're hating on like a starving dog holding on to a piece of meat.
2. If some positive fact comes out about the team you hate? Deny the fact or immediately slant the positivity. Bonus points if you direct it back to point 1.
3. If the team is vindicated of wrongdoing, hold on to the fact that the team got away with it and the truth is still out there to be found.
4. Make sure you get as many ugly and hateful comments out about the team and fans along the way.

and this one is MEGA important:

5. Immediately accuse the team's fanbase (that you hate on) of being delusional and wearing homer glasses. At all times you MUST do this.

About 13 months went by of this whole Auburn ordeal. After the Cecil Newton admission that he worked with some yahoos from Miss State about possibly receiving money for Cam to attend Miss State there wasn't anything even close to an actual fact presented.

I can tell you as an Auburn fan I was nervous at first. Very nervous. Then I was angry. I have never seen a college athlete drug through the dirt like Cam Newton was. And the phrase 'pay for play' was brought up as if this were all of a sudden a new, fresh concept within college football. It was a stunning process.

As time went on I grew calloused to the whole thing. Then more at ease. I kept waiting on some hard fact to come out that would sink Auburn or Newton and nothing came. Simply more innuendo and generated smoke, not from the event itself but from people desparately trying to fan something out of nothing.

The last gasp would be the Chizik 'confrontation' when the NCAA lady famously said, "The investigation isn't over yet." People cackled with glee...that's right Auburn! It's not over yet!

Well, it's over now. You know it's been on my mind, could you stand right here, look me straight in the eye and say...that's it's over now. (Alice in Chains, anyone?)

All that's left is the rejoicing and the haters. I know what side I'm on. Heck, I could have told you that all along.

If you are a hater, consider letting it go. I know that might be crazy talk but maybe one day you can put down your pitchfork and join society again. If not, hold on to that hate. I hope it keeps you warm at night.

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Posted on: August 11, 2011 11:39 am

What people don't get

I was at a bar with some friends when Alabama won the title back in early 2010. I didn't want them to win. I rolled my eyes when McCoy went out; the game was over before it really even started. Quick aside: that isn't Bama's fault at all that McCoy got hurt...you play to win. It's not like you have to lay down because the other teams' main guy falls. In fact, you put the foot on the throat even harder.

I wasn't happy that Bama won. I actually thought that the previous year, when Bama started off 12-0, that I couldn't take Alabama winning another title while Auburn was mired in a season of sucktitude. I was wrong about that. Alabama won and that's that.

If anything, the question I had was how in the world had Nick Saban only been there 3 years and had just 2 players from his original roster. But guess what? While he made have diced and shredded the team to get it to the championship to my knowledge he did nothing illegal. My whole point to this is Alabama won the title fair and square. I do not have to like Alabama to acknowledge that.

That's why the vitriol over the Auburn thing still floors me.

What people don't get is that the season was a total shock for any Auburn fan. I don't think you could find an Auburn fan who was expecting to win a national title at the start of last year. We started some JUCO kid who didn't look quite as good as Barrett Trotter did in the Spring game. We watched this guy put on some dance moves and rushed for a ton of yards against nobody state (our first game)...

I went to 4 of Auburn's home games and all of them were thrillers. Clemson (who was sooo close to beating us), Arkansas, LSU (the loudest I have ever heard a stadium), and Georgia. I went to the Iron Bowl and watched the biggest comeback in that illustrious game's history. All the while Auburn fans were buzzing like bees. "Can you believe this season?" I had to make a decision at the start of November, at the height of the Cam Newton media frenzy, about whether I was going to drop coin on a BCS championship package. I had faith and went for it. Then Auburn beat Georgia and Bama...

...by this time the reality that Auburn might go to the title game was real...there was no question about where we were going to be in the polls: if we beat South Carolina we were going to the title. That game was tense...up until the Newton to Adams hail Mary for a TD to end the half. When Spurrier was shown on the sideline shaking his head as if to say, "There's nothing I can do" (this after a pick six from Garcia), the game was over. I ordered airplane tickets not more than 30 minutes after the game ended.

What people don't get is that Auburn fans outnumbered Oregon fans 70-30 at that game. It was a family reunion. Alum from old and new were there. People were so happy that the Tigers were getting a shot to play for the title after many in our nation felt we were wrongfully denied in 2004. By the time game time was ready to start it just felt surreal. I still could not believe that Auburn made it here. Not after all of the heart attack games. Not after Cam-gate. No way we're here. Don't we normally falter in these situations?

What people don't get is that I saw friends at that game who I haven't seen in years. When the game started someone had the idea of letting a bald eagle circle around IN THE STADIUM as a tribute to something or the other. Auburn fans, right on cue shouted "WARRRRRRRR....." and then the eagle landed on a giant American Flag.... "EAGLE! HEY!" There had to be an Auburn guy on the planning committee...

What people don't get is, when Mike Dyer made that ridiculous run to get us to around the 15, then broke off another run that appeared to score that Auburn fans were unhinged...we had an 8 point lead and Newton get stripped from behind (!) This never happened in any other game, it seemed! We found out later that he had a back injury, Oregon got some good pops on him. We gave up a TD and a 2 point conversion to tie the game. But we never doubted we would win. Why would we? The game was tied with about 3 minutes to go...we've been down 24 points...what's driving the length of the field gonna do to phase us at this point, right? (gulp).

What people don't get is when Byrum kicked the field goal to win it, many Auburn fans shed real tears. Alabama wins championships. Auburn never does, right? We're 'little brother'. We're the school where no one knows what state we're in...this does NOT happen to us! But it did. People were shouting WAR EAGLE everywhere all the way out of the stadium. I probably watch the same SportsCenter highlights about 5 times. I could watch it 50 more.

And after the game and for the entire offseason we now have to hear how we cheated to get what we got.

What people don't get is...they would never want for their team to win and not receive the respect they deserve from that. I don't see why people don't get that. It's very, very simple.

To talk about hammers dropping and all of that like it's simply ordained to happen? I would never wish that on another school.

But if people don't get that I will defend my school from those attacks? That's their problem. I'm fighting for a season that I would never want cheapened in any way.
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Posted on: July 20, 2011 9:44 am

The truth

I've heard a quote, and since I'm way too lazy to google it (and really, that is good and dang lazy) I'll paraphrase: People are inherently lazy. If you tell someone something that is a fact and sound authoritative enough people will buy that explanation and accept it as truth.

For instance, if you're a high profile college football coach and you wear a sweater vest and profess your faith in Christianity you might be able to speak and have any word you say about football and the way it operates as true. Especially to those who don't have a normal day to day job in football. Too obvious to talk about Ohio State?

How about something more down to earth? A military guy can use a bunch of acronyms and talk about something they generally know nothing about. To a civilian that person may seem like the most credible person in the room. As a guy in the military people I know have inferred that I have been trained to fight; that I have been taught map-reading skills, that I have knowledge on how to operate aircraft, etc. It's funny...if I actually did have training on all of that how would I have time to actually do anything other than train? I digress.

As it relates to sports, what I am talking about is that the media is the lay person's source for information. More specifically as an Auburn fan I have seen the media constantly take second hand information and spin it as 'breaking news' or 'fact' when it takes only a modicum of thought to see that the story was very hastily put together. But as soon as this news hits the masses and it's reported by media the word is taken as true.

It is an awesome responsibility to have and I wish that more members of the media took it seriously. Nowadays members of the media seem more interested in getting that insta scoop or promoting hit rates rather than tell the truth. Salaciousness rather than substance.

It's not likely to change. That doesn't make it right.
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Posted on: June 7, 2011 1:39 pm

Like it or not, Auburn....

...should join LSU as being 2-time BCS champs.

By the way, I'm still strong on my stance. I don't take pleasure in USC being stripped of their title. In all honesty, I think it's an overly dramatic, caught up in the now kind of thing that says if you make a mistake we must destroy you the utmost in every way possible. Did Reggie Bush do some against the NCAA stuff? Yeah. Did Pete Caroll know about it? Probably. Should they be stripped of the title? Eh. Seriously, eh. The team did have Leinart and White. The team did lose Mike Williams before the season because of the NCAA and still steamrolled damn near everybody. Bush was electrifying and you could probably argue that USC STILL could have won a championship without him. They were GOOD.


Since the BCS did decide to strip USC of their title it should fall to undefeated Auburn as a result. Am I homering? No way in hell that I, as an Auburn fan, can say that I'm not homering. But hear me out.

The result of the Orange Bowl is wiped but Oklahoma is still counted with a loss. Oklahoma got whipped so soundly by the team which can no longer be named that the BCS saw fit to drop Oklahoma to number THREE. Behind 13-0 Auburn, who beat Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl 16-13.

The BCS powers that be are intentionally muddying the waters when they say that 'we can't go back to play another game' or 'we can't speculate who would have been in the championship if USC is out of the picture'. Sorry. This is a beauty contest. Auburn finished second. USC had to step down because years ago they took nude photos and we just found out about it. The crown goes to runner-up.

It seems that the BCS is almost saying that 'we want to punish USC' but not 'we want to piss off USC'. They're already pissed.

Guess what? Fans of the 2004 Auburn team, not to mention the team itself (duh), were pissed too. We were denied the opportunity to play in a game we felt we belonged. And as years went by it was simply a footnote in history that the Tigers of '04 were a great team that chose to be great at the wrong time.

History has now been revised however. The story should have a happy ending for Auburn. 2 time BCS champs.
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